Process and Outcome

Questions this post seeks to answer:

  • What is the difference between process and outcome?
  • How can focusing on outcome make change difficult?

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Earlier this week, a 25 year old man intentionally drove a van onto the sidewalk in Toronto, killing 10 people and injuring another 15. As investigators have delved into the perpetrator’s past, they found that he was active in an online movement, comprised of people who call themselves “Incels” – “involuntarily celibate.” Continue reading “Process and Outcome”

The Privilege Problem

A strange and disturbing headline came up this week in the Washington Post – “A teen missed the bus to school. When he knocked on a door for directions, a man shot at him.” The article tells the story of 14 year old Brennan Walker, a freshman from Rochester Hills, Michigan, who, after missing the bus to go to school, knocked on a neighbor’s door for directions to the high school. The person who answered the door became worried that the young man was attempting to break into their home. Her spouse responded by grabbing his shotgun and firing at the fleeing teen. Luckily, Brennan escaped unharmed.

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Redefining Trust

Questions this post seeks to answer:

  • Is trust in a relationship earned?
  • Why can trusting others be difficult?

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I participated in the scouting program as a young person, and eventually reached the rank of Eagle scout. Truth be told, I probably couldn’t use a solid 90% of the skills I learned in the scouting program. How to tie a clove hitch, starting a campfire without matches, or turning my pants into a flotation device – I have to admit I’m a little rusty. However, there is one thing that I’ve never forgotten in the 20+ years since I became an Eagle scout – the Scout Law.

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Finding a Therapist

When I was in graduate school, I came to realize that I’d benefit from going to therapy myself. I thought that finding a therapist would be fairly easy; I came to realize that the process can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Finding a good therapist might feel a little more daunting than finding a good dentist, since we plan to spend hours pouring out our thoughts and feelings to this virtual stranger, which can feel very vulnerable. Additionally, for someone who’s already depressed, anxious, or unsure of whether therapy can be helpful, challenges in getting connected to a good therapist can be the difference between getting much-needed help or giving up and doing nothing.

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Neuroplasticity – Freeways and Dirt Roads

Questions this post seeks to address:

What is neuroplasticity?

How does understanding neuroplasticity help us achieve sustainable personal change?

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When I was in junior high, I played a video game called SimCity. The goal of the game was to build and maintain a city from the ground up. You had to manage crime, education, utilities, transportation, and trade to grow your city into a thriving metropolis. It was my early experiences attempting to run a virtual city that taught me that public office was not a good fit for me (though apparently anyone can do it these days…).

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